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Principal Investigator

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Apurva Ratan Murty, PhD

Assistant Professor

Georgia Tech

Ratan obtained his PhD in Neuroscience from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore (India) with Prof. SP Arun and completed his postdoctoral research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with Profs. Nancy Kanwisher and James J DiCarlo.​ He leads the Murty Vision, Cognition, and Computation Lab at Georgia Tech.

Ratan's research goal is to understand the neural codes and algorithms that support human vision. 

Mentors and Collaborators

Nancy Kanwisher

Professor, MIT

James J DiCarlo

Professor, MIT

S.P. Arun

Professor, Indian Institute of Science

Michael Cohen

Assistant Professor, Amherst College

Brad Duchaine

Professor, Dartmouth College

Tom Theys

Professor, KU Leuven

Aude Oliva

Professor, MIT

Anya Ivanova

Assistant Professor, Georgia Tech

Dobromir Rahnev

Associate Professor, Georgia Tech

Marina Bedny

Associate Professor, Johns Hopkins

Mark Richardson

MIT and Harvard Mass General Hospital

Maryam Vaziri Pashkam

Assistant Professor, U. Delaware

Martin Hebart

Group Leader, Max Planck Institute

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