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Current Research Questions

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Uncovering the neural code supporting human vision

  • How does visual information falling on the eyes change across successive cortical regions?  

  • How is visual information organized in the human visual system?

  • What are the evolutionary and developmental pressures that guide this organization?

  • What do variations in visual processing abilities across individuals and species tell us about human vision?

  • How do we overcome the limits of current human neuroimaging methods?

Linking artificial and biological vision

  • How do we model biological visual processing with artificial neural networks?

  • What are the limitations of current artificial vision systems and what does it mean for computer vision systems?

  • How can biological understanding lead to breakthroughs?

  • How close are we to creating a fully in-silico instantiation of the human visual cortex?

Linking neural representations with visual perception

  • What is the mechanistic link between neural measurements and vision behaviors?

  • What is the extent of behavioral variance that can be predicted by neuroimaging methods?

  • How close are we to predicting visual deficits in response to neurological impairments?

Uncovering the link between neural representations and behavioral visual perception

  • What do deficits in visual processing abilities tell us about the neural code supporting vision?

  • How do we leverage computational models to study the neural basis of visual deficits?

  • How well can we simulate/predict visual perceptual deficits using computational models? 

  • How can engineering innovation lead to the development of assistive devices that enhance or substitute visual perception for those with deficits?

Beyond vision

  • What computational principles overlap and diverge across various sensory systems?

  • What aspects of visual information is relayed to other post-perceptual systems (decision making, planning, memory, and language)?

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