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Lab Manager


Current openings: 2 Postdoctoral positions and a lab manager

We are a newly established lab at Georgia Tech in the heart of Atlanta. This is a unique opportunity for you to be at the forefront of shaping the lab's culture and direction. 

We are committed to creating a diverse, inclusive environment where every voice is heard and valued. Here, you'll collaborate with some of the brightest minds from various disciplines in Georgia Tech and beyond, all working together to unravel the mysteries of the human brain and mind. 

Your voice and your vision matter here, and they will play a crucial role in defining who we are and what we can achieve. You'll not only contribute to groundbreaking research but also be instrumental in creating an inclusive, dynamic, and supportive work environment. And beyond the lab, Atlanta offers a vibrant backdrop for this exciting new chapter in your career. This city, known for its rich history, cultural diversity, and energetic lifestyle, mirrors the ethos we are building in our lab: innovative, inclusive, and always evolving. So, if you're passionate about making a significant impact in both science and culture, join us in shaping a new era at Georgia Tech.

Projects in the lab will combine computational and experimental approaches. A background in CS/ML/AI and/or neuroscience/cognitive science/psychology is desired. 

PhD applications for the 2024 session are now closed

There are up to 2 postdoctoral positions available starting fall 2024.

Postdocs are encouraged to get in touch with Ratan directly via email with a brief description of research interests, career goals.

The postdoctoral position will be funded via an NIH award from the National Eye Institute (NIH)

What to include

Your CV/Resume 

A brief statement of interest

Your background and/or interest in experimental or computational work

We are looking for up to two postdoctoral ​candidates.

Experimental: This position is especially suitable for candidates with experience in human neuroimaging studies (functional MRI, MEG and/or intracranial ephys). Most experiments in the lab also include computational component and familiarity with MATLAB/Python programming is highly desired. The lab is a member of the Center for Advanced Brain Imaging (CABI) where most of the 3T fMRI studies would be conducted.

Computational. This position is ideal for candidates who are interested in human computational neuroscience. Desired skills include familiarity with current SOTA AI algorithms like artificial neural networks, recurrent nets, generative AI . We seek especially seeking candidates who are interested in understanding the organization and function of the human brain and mind by way of designing brain-like computational systems. 

Candidates will be part of a multi-disciplinary research program with close interactions with other Centers in Georgia Tech and beyond. The lab is affiliated with Neuro@GT, Quantitative Biosciences, Center for Biologically Inspired design. 

We are particularly interested in applications from underrepresented minorities and women in STEM. We are committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive research environment where all individuals can excel.

Reach out to discuss more!

This is a 2-year position starting summer 2024. This is a funded position especially ideal for students looking to gain significant research experience before pursuing a PhD in human cognitive neuroscience.

If you're interested in this position, reach out directly via email.

At Georgia Tech? Reach out via email to explore Undergrad and Masters research opportunities

Outside Georgia Tech? There may be remote research opportunities, including for undergraduate and Masters thesis projects. Reach out and fill out this Google Form. 

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