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Vision is how most of us interact with the world. We open our eyes and a complex cascade of biological algorithms springs into action, allowing us to know exactly where we are, recognize the faces and social interactions between the people around us, and even decipher the words and images you see on the screen. 

How does the human brain orchestrate this remarkable feat? 

Addressing this question is as much an engineering challenge as a scientific one. 

We use brain imaging (functional MRI, MEG, EEG), human electrophysiology (ECoG and Utah array recordings), and behavioral psychophysical measurements to collect our experimental data. We test our progress by developing ever more precise computational models that can recapitulate as many of the observed biological phenomena as possible. Check out our Research Page for more.

This is a particularly exciting phase. We open our doors at Georgia Tech on January 1, 2024. There will be several PhD, postdoctoral and undergraduate Research Openings.

Come join us!

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