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Work in prep

Sample research directions from recent published conference abstracts

Intensive fMRI scanning and computational models can provide insight into the neural basis of developmental prosopagnosia
SN Pushpita, E Mieczkowski, B Duchaine, NA Ratan Murty 

fROI-level computational models enable broad-scale experimental testing and expose key divergences between models and brains
E Mieczkowski, A Abate, W De Faria, K Lydic, JJ DiCarlo, N Kanwisher, NA Ratan Murty


Screen Shot 2023-11-11 at 10.02_edited.j
Screen Shot 2023-11-11 at 10.02_edited.j

BOLD Moments: modeling short visual events through a video fMRI dataset and metadata
B Lahner*, K Dwivedi, P Iamshchinina, M Hraumann, A Lascelles, G Roig, AT Gifford, B Pan, S Jin, NA Ratan Murty, K Kay, A Oliva**, R Cichy
Nature Communications (2024)

Fine-grained neural coding of bodies and body parts in human visual cortex
KG Ramirez, M Vanhoyland, NA Ratan Murty, T Decramer, WV Paesschen, S Bracci, H op de Beeck, N Kanwisher, P Janssen, T Theys
bioarXiv (2024)

Perceptual awareness of natural scenes is limited by higher-level visual features
M Cohen*, K Lydic, NA Ratan Murty*
Neurips Workshop SVRHM Spotlight (Oral Presentation) psyarXiv

A highly selective response to food in human visual cortex revealed by hypothesis-free voxel decomposition
Khosla M, Ratan Murty NA, Kanwisher N
Current Biology (2022) 32 (19), 4159-4171. e9

Decoding perceptual awareness across the brain with a no-report fMRI masking paradigm
E Hatamimajoumerd, NA Ratan Murty, M Pitts, M Cohen
Current Biology (2022) 32 (19), 4139-4149

Using child-friendly movie stimuli to study the development of face, place and object regions from age 3 to 12 years
F Kamps*, H Richardson*, NA Ratan Murty, N Kanwisher, R Saxe
Human Brain Mapping (2021) doi:10.1002/hbm.25815

Computational models of category-selective brain regions enable high-throughput tests of selectivity
Ratan Murty NA*, Bashivan P*, Abate A, DiCarlo JJ, Kanwisher K
Nature Communications (2021) 12 (1) 5540

Release of the Algonauts Project 2021 Challenge: How the human brain makes sense of a world in motion
RM Cichy, K Dwivedi, B Lahner, A Lascelles, P Iamshchinina, M Graumann, A Andonian, NA Ratan Murty, K Kay, G Roig, A Oliva
arXiv (2021)

How does visual experience shape representations and transformations along the ventral stream?
M Bedny, N Kanwisher, O Collignon, I Yildrim, E Saccone, NA Ratan Murty, S Mattioni
CCN Generative Adversarial Collaboration (2020)

Visual experience is not necessary for the development of face selectivity in the lateral fusiform gyrus
NA Ratan Murty, S Teng, D Beeler, A Mynick, A Oliva & N Kanwisher
PNAS (2020) 117(37), 23011-23020

Integrative benchmarking to advance neurally mechanistic models of human intelligence
Schrimpf M, Kubilius J, Lee MJ, Ratan Murty NA, Ajemian R, DiCarlo JJ
Neuron (2020) 108 (3) 413-423

Multiplicative mixing of object identity and attributes in single IT neurons
NA Ratan Murty & SP Arun
PNAS (2018) 115 (14), E3276-E3285

Effect of silhouetting and inversion on view invariance in the monkey inferotemporal cortex
NA Ratan Murty & SP Arun
Journal of Neurophysiology (2017) 118 (1), 353-362

A Balanced Comparison of Object Invariances in Monkey IT Neurons
NA Ratan Murty
& SP Arun
eNeuro (2017) 4 (2), ENEURO. 0333-16.2017

Seeing a straight line on a curved surface: decoupling of patterns from surfaces by single IT neurons
NA Ratan Murty
& SP Arun
Journal of Neurophysiology (2017) 117 (1), 104-116

To what extent does global shape influence category representation in the brain?
NA Ratan Murty
& RT Pramod
Journal of Neuroscience (2016) 36 (15), 4149-4151 

Dynamics of 3d view invariance in monkey inferotemporal cortex
NA Ratan Murty
& SP Arun
Journal of Neurophysiology (2015) 113 (7), 2180-2194

γ-Glutamyl transpeptidase from Bacillus pumilus KS 12: decoupling autoprocessing from catalysis and molecular characterization of N-terminal region
NA Ratan Murty
, E Tiwary, R Sharma, N Nair & R Gupta
Enzyme and Microbial Technology (2012) 50 (3), 159-164

Molecular characterization of N-terminal pro-sequence of keratinase ker P from Pseudomonas aeruginosa: identification of region with chaperone activity
R Sharma, NA Ratan Murty & R Gupta
Applied Biochemistry Biotechnology (2011) 165 (3-4), 892-901

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